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Have you ever done something and regretted it…but you did it without realizing what was about to happen? Me, I just made a smoothie with ice cubes. The weather is turning warm. It was delicious. Drinking the smoothie I took some supplements. 10 minutes later my digestive tract rebelled. Oi Vey…as we in New York would say…if I still lived there. What did I do…I lay down, with knees up and did Reiki. It just took a few minutes. I was Healed! I will remember that for the now I have less tolerance for cold drinks. Forgiving myself and moving on! How about you?    

Your Mind

My job is to turn these complicated anatomical concepts into easy to understand principles which will help you lessen your stress!

Right now I have just finished assisting at a Somatic Education Workshop in NYC. What we did in this Somatic workshop, (soma means body), is dive into depth into the embryological origins of our nervous system.

In other words, this is how to balance what you might call Stress with Relax, Focus on You and Nurture Your Self. This is another way of looking at Fight, Flight, Freeze reactions with our Rest and Digest system.

Yet another way to see this balance in terms of being alert and active versa relaxing, resting and meditating.

The truth is you need some of everything! To be truly present you need to be alert. To be active in your life you need to have a base of relaxation.  In fact, every function of your body is a little bit of both the Sympathetic system/alert and Parasympathetic/rest and digest.

My question to you, is when you have taken in too much information… what do you do?

Me, I will move and also feel my feelings…more about the many ways you can get out of your head.

In the workshop I was approached by a young woman who was crying and feeling awful. She kept asking me questions. I mostly held the space for her to feel her feelings. I could tell that her nervous system was overloaded with information and repeatedly from time to time asked her to stop thinking. And also gently asked her to put her hands on her belly and breathe. When she was finally able to breathe into her belly…her whole system relaxed and she felt well.

So my suggestion to you when you get stuck in your head, breathe into your belly!

You may ask why…try it and will tell you…next e-mail.

Your Body

Quick Fixes for Your Body!… Well, the first thing is always AWARENESS. If I can be aware of the stress…in my case I love to somaticize…meaning I feel it in my body. And also , It is hard even if I am feeling my neck tense up… to change my focus…if I am fixated on getting something done.

How about you? Do you become just a little obsessed when you are focused on getting something done?

Nonetheless I do not like pain so I go for a walk and shake it out! Doing something physical always helps!

Basically I change the channel…as you might on a television set…and one way to refocus is using physical activity, using the body action!

What is your favorite activity? How do you release your stress physically?

Although we can speak of them separately our Body, Mind and Emotions are deeply related and our consciousness is the awareness through which we experience them.

I like to say the Body is the focal point of the now. The more present we can be in our bodies the more well we are or on our way to feeling better!

It is key to your wellness to find a physical activity you love to do. You will find it changes over time or even from season to season. When I turned another decade it was time to stop my ballet class and turn to something less demanding. No grand pliés for me…my two knee operations from so many dancing years ago had come up to bite me. I felt tired also, it was time to change. I have found an activity that dove tails with my hands-on work Vibrational Acupuncture. I feel Wonderful! I also walk every day and rent a dance studio to do my own thing all by myself, 1500 feet of empty space. This is me for me.

What do you do that’s just for You?

I suggest you walk 20 minutes a day. If you cannot walk turn on the dance music and dance even if you are setting down. Definitely move and get your groove. And I will teach you all about body awareness…stay tuned!

The Heart of Feeling

It’s all about Happiness. I once asked a spiritual teacher what happiness meant to them and they said “Happiness is our true nature.” I know this when I am happy and when I am not it is usually easy to know why I am not. Me…and responses to what is happening in my body, mind or reflective of my emotional state.

How Happy are You in this moment?

Our essential nature is always perfect, spacious and happy. And also there are things in our lives that trigger our awareness of our essential happiness.

What makes you Happy?

In the moment I am in NYC. It is a happiness to be free of my usual routine and to be assisting a woman at the forefront of Somatic Education for over 40 years. I am diving into what I do best experiencing and expressing through the body the deeper elements of myself. And I love to talk anatomy…

In this particular workshop we are down regulating and balancing the nervous system. So good to be with colleagues I trained with a long, long time ago…and with people who followed in my footsteps after being clients or students…in a journey that has allowed us to embody all of who we are…resolve our issues and experience our happiness.

One thing that brings or allows my happiness to come forward is meeting these old friends, deepening friendships though we may not see each other often…oh and serial dining….enjoying good food together!

How about you? How do you de-stress?

Follow your Happiness….and you will be less Stressed.

I do mean genuine happiness…not the kind that comes only in a pill or bottle. Find the one that is in You!

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