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Circle of Life

The circle of life can mean many things, In this case I am thinking of friends and people you meet over and over throughout your life. Perhaps we have even been doing this life after life with them. Are you sensitive to these type of things? Maybe not but perhaps you have met someone and felt instantly connected as if you had known them forever.

Over time, I have come to appreciate my friends even more…whether I see or even talk to them often. I am aware there are interlocking circles of people, who luckily for me, keep showing up. And it doesn’t mean we agree all the time…but there is a core connectedness.  My journey with friends has been nurturing for each of us in different ways as we unfold as unique beings.

More Than Friends

Sometime you need more than friends. You need support from people, therapists, teachers who somehow have a larger perspective or skillful presence. People, who can share and support you, who are less involved or invested in your stories…your life. These are persons who can help you evolve and heal as you work on yourself.

I have to say sometimes these persons become your friends as you grow into a larger, more open view of reality. And I have to say this happens when you resolve, heal or simply let go of your story, the drama around who you are…not the essence or expression of your essential self. You become closer to this essence as unfold who you truly are… and this may the person your parents wanted you to be or even who you thought you were or wanted to become. If you need a little reminder to stay open you can download this De-Stress Check list or the Alchemy of Healing.

My godmother used to say “we are like pebbles on the beach and the ocean wears us away till we become sand.” I would add…until you become the ocean.


Me, I came from a family of dancers and I also danced. My circle of dancer friends honour the wisdom of the body in a  creative way. It is not a story, it is a way of being.  Others circle of friends are part of my spiritual path and tribe, still other are just good people each connected to their core.  I ‘see’ them and they ‘see’ me. Does this happen to you?

All the circles intertwine. We are all connected, if only for a moment. You are connected to me as you read this blog.

It has felt like a tear in the fabric of my being when a friend or family member leaves the physical realm, dies…passes over, whatever you want to call it. I feel an emptiness in the space they have left and then later I find they are still there because these special people will always be a part of me. And as I travel this path of life I find myself empowered by all the people I hold and have held dear…whether we got along all the time or not. How about you?

The circle of life is your connections to friends and family but essentially your connection to yourself and life itself. I feel so blessed at this particular time. We are all connected.


The Heart of Feeling

The heart of feeling is all about Happiness. I once asked a spiritual teacher what happiness meant to them and they said “Happiness is our true nature.” I know this when I am happy and when I am not it is usually easy to know why I am not. Me…and responses to what is happening in my body, mind or reflective of my emotional state.

How Happy are You in this moment?

Our essential nature is always perfect, spacious and happy. And also there are things in our lives that trigger our awareness of our essential happiness. What makes you Happy?

Happiness is the Heart of Feeling

In the moment I am in NYC. It is a happiness to be free of my usual routine and to be assisting a woman at the forefront of Somatic Education for over 40 years. I am diving into what I do best experiencing and expressing through the body the deeper elements of myself. And I love to talk anatomy…

In this particular workshop we are down regulating and balancing the nervous system. So good to be with colleagues I trained with a long, long time ago…and with people who followed in my footsteps after being clients or students…in a journey that has allowed us to embody all of who we are…resolve our issues and experience our happiness.

One thing that brings or allows my happiness to come forward is meeting these old friends, deepening friendships though we may not see each other often…oh and serial dining while.enjoying good food together!

How about you? What is  your de-stress go to? Isn’t wonderful when you find the heart of feeling within You?

Follow your Happiness….and you will be less Stressed.

I do mean genuine happiness…not the kind that comes only in a pill or bottle. Find the one that is in You! Discover how to get the happiness you deserve and the support to get you there for your Body Being & Heart   Check out Stress Buster Strategies

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