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Becoming A Wiser Woman

This blog is the second part of Illness to Health in my process of becoming a Wiser Woman!


What was and remains good is my commitment to realizing my full potential. Yet the stress I placed on myself, at that time to continually create new choreography and perfect my art as a dancer, was enormous. I also had personal issues that I was not so aware of at that time. Looking back, I see this period as the beginning of a refinement of who I am today. It was a major step on my journey to becoming a wiser woman.
What this period of my life taught me was to heal myself and prepared me to help others in healing themselves. I have assisted thousands to recover from chronic illness, acute pain, trauma, and anxiety.

Becoming A Wiser Woman

At that time, I restructured my life and explored my spiritual path more deeply. I had many awakening experiences. This led me to perceive the world from a different perspective. You and I are not just a body and also one’s body is the focal point of our now. The body has its reasons. It encompasses all of who we are, without being all of who we are.
This is similar to understanding emotions are not all of who you are, yet express a part of you. Do remember… if you have no body, you will have no emotions either, eh?  Also we store and record emotions in the body just like an old fashioned tape recorder.
During this time, I began training in the Body-Mind therapies that were at the forefront of an emerging field called Somatic Education. This type of work often explores subtle aspects of consciousness and feeling experienced through the body.
Much of Somatic Education is based on the neurological foundation of human behavior. It ranges from the exploration of developmental movement patterns that children go through, from lying to sitting to standing and walking, to the very micro-movements of cells throughout the body and brain.

Taking the Stress Out

Taking the stress out doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bath water, which I perhaps may have done in my life. Our lives are about nurturing our life force and living our purpose while juggling the demands of work and family. Just remember that first love is self-love!
My life, since then, has focused on discovering unique paths to wellness. In Chinese medicine, stagnant Chi (energy) is considered to be the beginning of disease. You may have noticed that when you feel stressed, you feel stuck, probably especially stuck if you are pushing too hard as I did as a young dancer.

Stagnant Chi/Energy

You can release stagnant Chi by discovering effective ways to cope with your stressors. Today you are not only facing internal but increasing environmental stressors. The bottom line is how do you do minimize and/or eliminate these effects and by extension on those we love?

Consequences to Keep in Mind

One other thing, doctors and surgeons are wonderful when you need them and great at diagnosing. But for chronic conditions, your best bet generally is to find natural solutions wherever possible. Had I continued on medication, I would have suppressed the symptoms but never healed.
I recently Googled the long term consequences of the drug I was originally given. They were gastric ulcers, GI bleeding, liver impairment, pancreatitis, colitis, convulsions, cardiac problems, severe skin changes, and mental status changes.
The ‘natural way’ for chronic conditions may take longer but is definitely worth it. On the other hand, taking medication for my eye condition of iritis saved my vision. It’s always a matter of balance.

Encouraging You!

Letting go of stress in a drug-free, natural way is what I want to share with you in my on-line program and give you a special discount for the videos in this program Wise Women Stress Mastery. This six week video only program allows you to heal your stress at your convenience in your own home. This is an opportunity to shift your perception and eliminate stress.
One path does not fit all but I am sure that you will find what you need in this proven approach. These effective strategies are easy to incorporate into your life, whether your stress issue is mind, body or emotional—usually it is some of each. Body, mind, and feelings are connected.
I use my background as a dancer, therapist, and traveler on the Spiritual path to bring you Stress Relief. My non-religious Spiritual journey has brought me home to my Self! I have become the Wise Woman in my own journey and I encourage you to become the Wise Woman in your life.
This horrific illness, rheumatoid arthritis with ankylosing spondylitis, opened the door to my life as a therapist. I consider myself to be an artist in the field of touch, an Artist in Touch. And I still dance for myself and sometimes for friends.
My approach integrates ancient wisdom with the newest Western therapeutic modalities. My Body Being & Heart system includes dialoging with your body and awareness techniques drawn from CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, and Somatic Education as well as energetic and intuitive modalities such as Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Learn more at my website  or feel free to e-mail me for Distant Consultations on Zoom at
I should mention that Distant Consultations include long-distance healing.
Thank you for reading a part of my journey in becoming a Wise Woman!

Never give up on Yourself!

Finally I want to pass on a contemplative prayer shared with me by my beloved sister who spent her working life in the corporate world. It’s a good, strong and powerful reminder of some of the ways we can let go and be less if not completely stress free!

Welcoming Prayer

I let go of my desire for power and control—welcome, welcome, welcome.
I let go of my desire for esteem and affection—welcome, welcome, welcome.
I let go of my desire for safety and security—welcome, welcome, welcome.
I let go of my desire to change or cling to situations and experiences, and embrace them exactly as they are—welcome, welcome, welcome.
While doing all of the above, please remember You are Enough just as you are! To discover more about ways to support your healing process go to Your Body Being & Heart
Sending Light & Love, Kyra
*Rheumatoid Arthritis. which ended my dance career, is systemic and affects the whole body system. It is in the blood unlike arthritis that affects older people with stiffness in certain joints.

The Sky Is Falling Stress

“The sky is falling! The Sky Is Falling!”  I say this when I look into the mirror in the early morning and think I need a face lift. This phrase was said by cartoon character Chicken Little in a 1943 short film showing the evils of mass hysteria or we could say simply say showing the evils of panic and stress.

What We Need for the Sky is Falling Stress

What we need is calm courage in these special times. We are still facing uncertainty as we move into pandemic recovery. The truth is we are always in uncertainty but generally pretend it is not happening. One thing you can count on is change. There is just a tendency to panic when it happens suddenly. You can find more about change in the blog Change, Change, Change

Inner Animal

It is often what I like to call our ‘inner animal’ that feels scared. This is our emotional side felt in the body. I know when that happens for me I feel the fear in my body. Do you? So how can we take care of this fragile emotional-body part of us?

First recognize that it is happening, if your body is in pain and you haven’t sustained an injury or even if you have, feel the feeling. What is it pointing to…what fear or…? What is the thought behind the feeling pr pain. And no, not your current thought “Go Away!”.

How are you going to nurture and take care of your ‘inner animal’? How can you make you and it feel safe? What does it take?

Life is complicated, messy and yet here we are in this very moment. I remind myself, I am safe in this very moment and  count my supports, my friends and rest into the awareness of something larger than my personal self. It also helps to rest into the awareness of awareness. How about You?

Well, a few face creams applied to my face will help the wrinkles and crinkles….and a little love for myself plus some body work and perhaps a few natural supplements. I am good to go! And also a few dedicated talks with my own self.

Benefits and Support

One of the benefits of our worldwide uncertainty has been an onslaught of creativity and inventiveness. What have you discovered….resilience and thinking outside the box?

If you need more support because you feel sky is falling stress check out the Alchemy of Healing and join the Facebook group De-Stress for Success, Instant Relief for Working Women.

Sending Love, Light & Healing, Kyra

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