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The Crystal Meditations CD

A Journey to Your Heart and Inner Guides

Crystal Palace

Intro of the meditation

Crystals are the Cathedrals of the New Age. Crystals deepen our connection to the Divine. Learning to use the power and magic of gems is the art of listening to the energy of stones, to ourselves and others. Out of this experiencing comes the giving and receiving of love, healing and inter-dimensional travel.

The Crystal Meditations is a CD of two half hour long experiences including the Crystal Palace Meditation, a magical & musical journey to meet your Guides and the Crystal Heart Meditation, a healing & opening of the heart and sex chakras.

The Crystal Meditations is available in North America Credit Card Accepted by phone 514 271-5941 or send a check of $35 price includes tax & shipping to Body Being & Heart, 4587 Avenue De L’Esplanade, Montreal Quebec, Canada H2T 2Y6. Please inquire for shipping rates in other parts of the world.

‘Antara’ Kyra Lober with original music by Allyn Harris

Kyra Lober

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