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De-Stress for Success

Instant Relief for Working Women

De-Stress For Success

In This Masterclass, You’ll Discover How to…

  • check_circleEscape the hamster mind
  • check_circleShift your perceptions
  • check_circleRelax with easy to do physical activities
  • check_circleDecrease negative self talk
  • check_circleEstablish physical and energetic boundaries
  • check_circleExpand your awareness
  • check_circleBecome more of who you truly are…

Kyra Lober, Creator of Body Being & Heart

Kyra Rosalind Lober is a De-Stress mentor and best selling author. She is a top therapist and founder of the School of Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body & Spirit.

Kyra has created Wise Women Stress Mastery, a signature on-line program. 

Wednesday, December 14


Keisha Washington
“You are a gifted healer and a warm, wonderful  calming being.
Have a beautiful day and keep emitting your amazing light.


Liette Gagne
“Since I have met you I am : calmer, gentler, more intuned with my ‘self’, you have helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful. No doubt everyone who has come in contact with you can attest to this!”


Sharon Chawla

“Thank you, thank you! Whatever you did…has really worked.  Have calmed down and feeling very good.  Am telling myself to skip it and keep calm – and it works!  You are amazing.”


Lucie Monpetit – author of ‘Se libérer de la fatigue persistante’
”A wonderful energy catalyst, a real generous and genuine healer.”


Lorraine Korb – Childcare Educator
“Kyra is both a very gentle and powerful healer and teacher. She shares her immense knowledge of bodywork and spirituality with such love and dedication, that one cannot help but grow under her tutelage. I highly recommend her to all who are silently suffering out there, and even to those who simply want to strengthen their connectedness to the Source, and grow both personally and spiritually”

De-Stress For Success

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Wednesday, December 14

Wednesday, December 14

11am (PST), 1pm (Central), 2pm (EST)