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Embodied Presence

Experience your Body Centered Path to Enlightenment. Explore through somatic alchemy, dance meditation, energy, insight & Divine play!

Country Retreats offer you the opportunity to join in the body centered path to Spirit! Your body is a map of consciousness. Explore the Wisdom of your soma/body. Move, Dance, Meditate. Experience healing energy work. Enjoy gourmet meals, the lake, country walks and sauna!

The Country Retreats support an effortless opening to your own Self in a safe and caring environment. They are fun! Do take a look at the video at the bottom of this page!!!

These retreats are about embodiement of Spirit… your spirit. They are an opportunity  for personal development and feeling well in your body. Sometimes this means you may have an unresolved issue, physical, emotional or spiritually you want to resolve.

It is not, however, necessary to have a problem or focus but simply open to having fun in the spaciousness of exploring the cellular consciousness of your body through gentle movement, meditation, and awareness.

The Experience

The retreat is an experience. It is hard to put words on it. Qualities of consciousness unfold, memories, feelings, body sensations surface within a context which can only be described as acceptance and love. During the retreat the focus may shift from Somatic Alchemy, meaning transformation through the body to Satsang, dialogue on Consciousness

Retreats are not a formula. What we focus on and the activities we do change from retreat to retreat. The retreats are not about skill building, yet skills are taught and skill with yourself unfolds, joy, clarity, depth of experience, and caring arise.

How You Benefit

What you will come away with is different for each person. What you can expect is feeling more connected, whole in body being & heart. Your soul/spirit often chooses the retreat to reveal itself. The dance meditations, directed free form movement allow you to explore non-verbally.

You will be guided to express though movement the energy of the body. Sometimes we work on embodying specific parts or systems of the anatomy as we explore the consciousness or dimensional aspects of the numinous or luminous aspects of ourselves and connect with others.

I sometimes call this our Magical Body!



Tender Moment at Country Retreat

Magical Shaman

Sacred Temple of South India
Meditation Retreat at the sacred mountain of Arunachala

One Day Urban Retreats Now Available!



Personal Development

Easy to Do

The activities are easy to do yet appropriate for beginners to persons with experience in the healing arts, dance and meditation. In recent years, parents of participants have come to retreats with or without a background. Children and young adults who come with their parents are invited to participate in the Friday night and Saturday events. Sunday is reserved for the adults to go deeper. The ‘work’ is both playful and profound.

Participants sometimes come with unresolved situation or desires about what they might want for themselves. Interestingly given the spaciousness of the retreat…answers come, emotional release and spiritual insights open for what is needed. What comes up is all about you.

Participants often come when they are in transition. What to do or where to go next decisions emerge in the course of the retreat. The retreat space allows your heart to show you the way.

The Country Retreats are definitely about enjoying the moment and the countryside, sauna (if available), lake and wonderful meals are adaptable to people who have food allergies, eat raw or eat meat. Car-pooling is available.

Body Being Heart Country Retreats are about opening to your own Self and bringing more Light & Love into your life, embodying who you really are.

Travel Retreats

Spiritual Retreat to the Sacred Sites of South India

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January 10-30, 2020

Join now for a voyage of a lifetime. Our journey will be a small group no more than 6 participants. There are just a couple of spaces left. The Voyage to Sacred Sites of South India includes visits to Temples in Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Tanjore, Tiravananamalai and others as well as visiting communities like Auroville and its very new age temple Matrimandir with largest man made crystal in the world. Experience Satsang with spiritual teachers from around the world who gather in Tiruvannamalai in January.


Embodied Meditation and Satsang, Kyra’s gentle movement and stretching exercises are offered in the early morning with spiritual words of wisdom.

What happens in a retreat is as much about who is there as what I have been exploring, learning, creating and sharing about the on-going journey of life. Come Join and Enjoy…the Journey to the One….

Sending Light & Love, Kyra


View from Country Retreat Auberge, Gourmet Food, Country Lake, Woman in Meditation

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