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Therapy Sessions

Body Being & Heart (BBH) Therapy Sessions alleviate pain and assist in your natural healing process with gentle touch. BBH integrates modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, Brain Therapy as well as Chakra Balancing and Spiritual Body Centered Counseling.

Individual Therapy Sessions are available Tuesday through Friday 10 am-6pm. Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour 15 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing.

Naturopathy and Massage Therapy Receipts Available!

Call 514 271-5941 for Your appointment.

Reiki I

Discover the basics of Reiki energy healing for yourself and others with the Usui Method of Natural Healing.This easy to do course is a two day experience. It includes four initiations, practice sessions, where you are receiving or giving Reiki and discussions on the practical Reiki Principles for everyday use! 2 Days, 10 am-5 pm. Certificate at end of course.

On-Going : Reiki I course is available privately or with two or more students.

Next Reiki I October 27-28

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Spiritual Travel Retreat of South India, January 2019

Join us for this two week journey of a lifetime! Visit temples, experience Satsang with Spiritual teachers, enjoy the food and culture of India. This special travel is guided and organized by ‘Antara’ Kyra Lober. If you are interested contact Body Being & Heart ASAP. Send for your itinerary!!!

 Reiki II

Deepen your connection to Universal Life force energy. Experience easy access to your Reiki energy as you explore the Usui’s traditional symbols for Long Distance Healing, Mental Healing and Empowerment! Learn the symbols; increase the power. 2 Days, 10am-5pm. Certificate at end of course.

Next Course to be Annouced

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Wise Women Stress Mastery

Event & On-Line  

Welcome, this live event in the heart of Montreal is part of  DeStress for Sucess, Instant Reilef  for Working Women. If you  are overwhelmed, over-giving stressed out and exhausted…and would like to discover new ways to  alleviate and even eliminate stress by changing your perspective and easy to incorporate  activities in your daily life…Please join us! This event is part of an on-line program….all are welcome to the whole program or  just the Live Event. Become a Wise Women!

November 3-4 10 am-5 pm.


Chakra Balancing

Develop your intuition; deepen your meditations and your capacity to heal yourself and others as you open your inner vision and learn to ‘see’ with your hands.

Next Course: To Be Announced

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Country Retreat

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Summer 2019

Country Retreat 2015

Body Being & Heart School for Transformational Arts

Accredited Training

Practitioner, Therapist and Teacher

Discover the  Master Healer in You. Explore energy, embodied anatomy, inner journey, meditation, movement and the intuitive arts. Begin with Reiki and continue to the basic 400 hour program. Become a practitioner able to write third party insurance receipts and continue to master the healing arts as a  therapist and teacher! Learning to heal yourself and others contributes to the wellness of the planet!


Body Being & Heart Accredited Professional Training

Become a Naturothérapeute and Massage Therapist & write third party Insurance Receipts!

Accredited by the Association des Naturothéapuetes du Québec

and the Regroupment des Massotherapérapeutes du Québec.

400 hour training starts soon. Take the basic classes: Reiki I and II plus Chakra Balancing and join the program!

Contact us for more details : bodybeingheart@videotron.ca514.271.5941

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