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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...

Your Body Being & Heart

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Transformational Arts Healing for Body & Spirit!

How is Your Body Being & Heart? I chose Body Being & Heart as the name of my website because the work is about healing and supporting you in embodying all that you are. Whatever problem you may be having your issues begin in your body and feelings first and only later have mental components. This is at least developmentally true. You developed in your mother’s womb. Were you writing your PHD then? I doubt it. What was happening then non-verbally and physically has affected the rest of your life.

I like to say I danced on Broadway…in my mother’s womb. So that’s where my current life began…what about you? Where did you start. Where did You begin the begin?

Your Brain

I have seen the brain described in three segments, your reptile brain, your mammalian brain and your human brain. The reptilian deals with survival issues, the mammalian brain with emotional issues and the human brain which is the cognitive one is just the thickness of a matchbook cover. Essentially that is why I called my work Body Being & Heart rather than Mind-Body-Heart. Despite the popular psychological view that thought proceeds feeling…it just ain’t so. And besides you are one of the creatures of the earth.

The Mystery

Healing happens by experiencing the felt aspect of yourself. You are not an intellectual idea. In fact, Carl Young said “People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.” Mysterious eh…and we are in the mystery of life. Everyone and everywhere people have tried to describe the mystery and how you should live, feel and be. And there is the problem.

Your ideas get in the way of who you are and conflicts arise between who you are and what you think you should be. The Ha Ha Ha Aha of this is you are perfect the way you are…making trouble for yourself, The Budhists say ‘Life is suffering but you do not have to suffer unnecessarily.’

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Body Being & Heart sessions are available both in person or on-line

Individual Body Being & Heart (BBH) sessions are an integrative approach to wholeness. Personal consultations utilize gentle non-invasive hands-on bodywork and energy healing to reduce stress and alleviate chronic pain, restoring physical function & well-being.

Body Being & Heart sessions blend gentle ‘light’ touch modalities with my unique insights gained from a lifetime in embodied healing. I draw my work from numerous modalities; together we will find what works best for you. BBH starts with the structural, energetic and can move into the emotional, esoteric and spiritual realms. Body Being & Heart allows you to experience and heal.

Most of the hands-on work happens on a massage table. You are fully dressed in comfortable clothing. Need I say there are pandemic protocols in place. You will be asked to wear a mask as I do when you are receiving hands-on therapy.

Long Distance Wellness Consults

Long distance Wellness is energetic re-balancing from afar. It occurs by intent and vibration with a skilled therapist. I use Reiki, Vibrational Acupuncture, etheric and counseling techniques to create wellness at a distance. Suddenly you feel better! These sessions are over Zoom and without physical contact.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is an osteopathic technique which creates an environment of wellness for the whole body. CST restores the function of the bones and membranes of the cranium and spinal cord; improves neuro-muscular and structural imbalances, motor-coordination and learning ability; alleviates anxiety, increases relaxation. CranioSacral Therapy alleviates migraines and headaches; TMJ issues; Chronic Fatigue; Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis; Chronic Back and Neck pain and many other issues. By the by, I am a certified CranioSacral Therapist!

Brain Therapy

Brain Therapy is for concussions, post-traumatic stress, neurological and hormonal re-balancing as in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer disorders as well as enhancing and expanding consciousness.

Brain Therapy dovetails nicely with CranioSacral Therapy and the newest approach to brain health ‘Touching the Brain’ allowing access to structures within the brain without surgery. Brain Therapy was a key factor in hockey star Sidney Crosby’s recovery from concussion.

Vibrational Acupuncture

Vibrational Acupuncture (VA) is the name I have give given to a energy approach to ancient Chinese acupuncture principles. Vibrational Acupuncture integrates the Chinese approach with Shiatsu, the Japanese therapeutic modality for wellness by unwinding the meridians with CranioSacral Therapy.

Vibrational Acupuncture is done without needles and without undue pressure. Vibrational Acupuncture uses a light energy touch to obtain harmony, balance, function and bio-electrical flow in your body!

Somatic Alchemy

Body Being & Heart (BBH) Somatic Alchemy is the opportunity to integrate and become more whole. Sometimes the work appears to be purely physical but can have profound effects on the person whether child or adult. Somatic Alchemy is the opportunity ultimately to embody your spirit.

I draw from my spiritual practice and my experience as a dancer, as well as my training with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Valerie Hunt and Body-Mind Centering®’s Bonnie Cohen.

Somatic Alchemy improves the movement function in all anatomical body systems. It includes hands-on facilitation and participatory activities. Much of this work is based on developmental patterns a baby goes through from lying to sitting, standing and walking. BBH Somatic Alchemy supports physical coordination in children & adults. It utilizes movement large and subtle to explore and heal the body.

The active component of Body Being & Heart is useful for every person and condition. I include Somatic Alchemy in all my Professional Trainings, Retreats along with a self reflective process.

Somatic Alchemy is profoundly helpful  perhaps especially so for expectant mothers and care takers of children with developmental problems as well as Dancers, Athletes, Yoga Practitioners and Teachers wanting to maximize their performance skills. Discovering the principles of Somatic Alchemy can improve your skills and your capacity to embody your whole self!

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) supports the immune system, cleanses toxins from the body and reduces swelling; aids in relief of inflammation, eczemas and allergies, chronic pain. LDT creates deep relaxation to aid insomnia, depression, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory. Lymphatic Drainage also is anti-spastic, alleviating voluntary and involuntary hyper-tonus.

Reiki, Natural Healing

Reiki is the all-purpose energy healer. Reiki is regularly incorporated as a support to all Body Being & Heart therapeutic modalities. I offer Reiki trainings to those interested in having a go to support for their well-being and de-stressing.


Spiritual Guidance, gives you a larger perspective on your life and a deeper connection to your essential Self.

Counseling can also include SomatoEmotional Release, the opportunity to experience your feelings through your body and self-reflection. This allows you to embody your insight and inner knowing. It goes beyond talk therapy.

Every cell in your body is conscious. The felt experience of your body reflects some aspect of you and your world. In fact your body is like an old fashioned tape recorder that records all your life experiences vibrationally in your tissue.

The big Ha Ha Ha Aha here is the paradox, you have a body but you are not the body. Your body is the focal point of the now. It is always changing, transforming but your essential nature, awareness of awareness is beyond form. This might seem like a stretch and is quite the cosmic concept but if you are wanting to enlighten or at least lighten up it is essential to begin to contemplate. It comes into play when you explore releasing emotions form your body and letting go of the stories  embodied in your flesh.

Inner Journey

Explore Spiritual realms as you gently relax into a guided meditative journey.

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Attunement

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Attunement are vibrational medicine for fine tuning the etheric and the physical body. You are bio-electric. You are anatomical structure and energetic structure.

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Attunement address the deeper energetic aspects of your being as well as affecting your physical structure. This aspect of the work inspires creativity, and your ability to access your dimensional self through inner journey.

  • You are Spirit embodied in flesh.
  • Your body is made of the stuff of stars.
  • You are a radiant energy, become a star in your life.
  • You are a human being… moving… dancing through life…
  • You can even dance when you are standing still… lying down or in the bath.
  • You are… in the silence of your chaos…
    always dancing Light.


Past and Future Lives

Past and Future Lives explore a gentle process of conscious regression to lives influencing your current life experience. These explorations will give you information about your own self whether or not you believe in reincarnation. You may simply want a past live or soul reading  The therapist will access her inner guidance in sharing this with you.

Tarot and Channeling

Nurture your soul by receiving readings given by the therapist on your life situation. Tarot and channeling open a window of light to understanding and discovery.

The Origin of the word Heal

Old English hǣlan (in the sense ‘restore to sound health’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch heelen and German heilen, also to make whole. You need to embrace all of you and allow yourself to be fabulous and flawed.

You essential nature is Happy. Your essential nature is Awareness. And you can access your essential being  by allowing yourself, at the very least to be fabulous and flawed. In Body Being & Heart work dialoging with your felt experience of your body is key to healing. Re-balancing the body energetically and physically with light touch therapies is also whatever you call spirit is yet another key aspect of being alive and of healing..

Just to Know…

I am , Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart School for Transformational Arts and a  member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners; the Association des Naturothérapeutes and Regroupment des Massothérapeutes du Québec. Third Party Insurance Receipts available. Major Credit Cards & E-Transfer accepted.

Trainings & Programs

Currently, there are two on-line programs offered Wise Women Stress Mastery & the new Enlightened Healers plus the person professional Body Being & Heart Training. To start your Enlightened Healers journey download Alchemy of Healing

Body Being & Heart Certification Programs

Practitioner Certification is available upon completion of the 400 hour professional & personal development training program in Montreal. Completion of the Practioner Program allows you to write third party insurance receipts under Massage Therapy and Naturopathy.

The Therapist program offers a deepening of awareness in subtle perceptions in body centered enlightenment as well as in depth embodied anatomy training.

A Reiki Master Teaching Certification is available as you complete the Therapist Training and begin courses to become a teacher of Body Being & Heart.

Spiritual Retreats

Your Embodied Presence

Experience your Body Centered Path to Enlightenment. Explore through somatic alchemy, dance meditation, energy, insight & Divine play!

Country Retreats offer you the opportunity to join in the body centered path to Spirit! Your body is a map of consciousness. Explore the Wisdom of your soma/body. Move, Dance, Meditate. Experience healing energy work. Enjoy gourmet meals, the lake, country walks and sauna!

The Country Retreats support an effortless opening to your own Self in a safe and caring environment. They are fun! Do take a look at the video at the bottom of this page!!!

These retreats are about embodiement of Spirit… your spirit. They are an opportunity  for personal development and feeling well in your body. Sometimes this means you may have an unresolved issue, physical, emotional or spiritually you want to resolve.

It is not, however, necessary to have a problem or focus but simply open to having fun in the spaciousness of exploring the cellular consciousness of your body through gentle movement, meditation, and awareness.

The Experience

The retreat is an experience. It is hard to put words on it. Qualities of consciousness unfold, memories, feelings, body sensations surface within a context which can only be described as acceptance and love. During the retreat the focus may shift from Somatic Alchemy, meaning transformation through the body to Satsang, dialogue on Consciousness

Retreats are not a formula. What we focus on and the activities we do change from retreat to retreat. The retreats are not about skill building, yet skills are taught and skill with yourself unfolds, joy, clarity, depth of experience, and caring arise.

How You Benefit

What you will come away with is different for each person. What you can expect is feeling more connected, whole in body being & heart. Your soul/spirit often chooses the retreat to reveal itself. The dance meditations, directed free form movement allow you to explore non-verbally.

You will be guided to express though movement the energy of the body. Sometimes we work on embodying specific parts or systems of the anatomy as we explore the consciousness or dimensional aspects of the numinous or luminous aspects of ourselves and connect with others.

I sometimes call this our Magical Body!

Circle of Friends


You can always reach me through

Movement is life and Spirit is its essence. The body, though it may seem solid, is a fluid and dynamic medium. Change your structure and you shift your consciousness. Shift your consciousness and the body responds. Harmonize structure and consciousness brings you to your maximum aliveness and well-being!

Your Life!

Every period of your life has its own challenges. The wear and tear of being in a body requires one to become more vigilant and well in body, mind and spirit by taking care of yourself. The many aspects of Body Being & Heart Sessions, Courses, Trainings and Retreats are designed to support you in the process of healing, personal development and prevention.

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