Therapy Sessions

…”A wonderful energy catalyst, a real generous and genuine healer.”
Lucie Monpetit, author of ‘Se libérer de la fatigue persistante’

“I have always appreciated Kyra’s clear spiritual vision, the cornerstone of her myriad skills. She has helped me many times to see from a different, new perspective or relax into a more fulfilling relationship with my body.”

Jalad (Kivil Woodward)
Osteopath and Reiki Master/healer

Kyra is both a very gentle and powerful healer and teacher.

She shares her immense knowledge of bodywork and spirituality with such love and dedication, that one cannot help but grow under her tutelage. I highly recommend her to all who are silently suffering out there, and even to those who simply want to strengthen their connectedness to the Source, and grow both personally and spiritually.”

Lorraine Ayotte-Korb
Childcare Educator

“Kyra Lober is a wonderful and inspirational teacher who has integrated in her own practice a wide range of existing somatic practices (a.o. Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Body-Mind Centering; Vibrational Acupuncture) which she is able to combine and apply in very different fields, both creatively and therapeutically. Working with her has been extremely beneficial for my own practice and health.”

Guy Cools (PhD), dance dramaturge

“Kyra Lober inspires a harmonization and integration for body and spirit.”

Marie Chouinard
director and choreographer of
La Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Kyra I am grateful for YOU and your powers that healed me…
No longer a Delicate Flower but a Flourishing Garden 🌸🌿🦋🌾🌺🍀🍄🌼
Kimm Marie Fuller

Retreats and Trainings

I appreciated a lot for making possible to be open to one part of me that could not find the way to unravel.
I feel lots of gratitude toward God for putting the right people in front of me.
You Kyra and the group were the vehicle to make it happen.


Javier, Therapist

Hi Kyra,

I just wanted to thank you again for the reiki re-attunement. I learned so much and feel the blockage I had has disappeared. Reiki energy flows once more!

All the best, love and light,


Dear Kyra,

Thank you for the amazing session that I had with you 2 Sundays ago. I am feeling considerably better this week. I cried for an hour on the way home, which was a release. I am interested in more info about the book that you recommended. I went in to chapters to look for it. Do you happen to have the author and ISBN number? I’d appreciate it.



Hello Kyra Antara,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the retreat in October. I have been living a very nice bit of life this fall, and I have the sneaking suspicion that some of what went on there has a lot to do with it.

The exercise that we did where we worked on the chakras and simply thanked our partner for expressing their sensations-images-words was extremely powerful for me. To thank someone for expressing, without intervening, not acting to help, but just thanking them for their expression seemed to me to be a way of affirming the joy of living. Likewise to express and simply be thanked for it.

So thank you for organizing that for me.

I will be needing a session with you sometime this spring, something about the third week of April I suspect, but I will get back to you closer to the date.


Osteopath and Therapist

Nikolaus’ Country Retreat Description

What happens at these retreats is that I get to experience our magical connectedness to the universe and the bliss of pure love – quite amazing for a two-day retreat with sessions of meditation, talk, dance and various simple exercises. As a process, I have the opportunity there to connect to my various possible selves, identify and (start to) heal deep-lying traumas, scars and issues. This also means facing my dark sides and blind spots in a secure, loving and non-judgmental environment. Magically, and refreshingly different to purely talk-based therapy, I not only gain intellectual insight but also have every cell of my body experience and memorize these insights, starting a holistic physical, emotional and spiritual healing process which is the path to enlightenment; the realisation that I am chosing my destiny as much as my destiny choses me and that there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about on the truly profound level. Kyra’s presence and experience enables this to happen. You have to experience it in order to believe this is possible. What a treat to heart, body and soul.

Love, Nikolaus Hottenroth,
Directeur, Développement des Affaires
Director, Business Development
t 514 987 9373
m 514 465 2027

Good Morning Kyra,

Thanks so much for yesterday session. My body felt so good last night when I left your place that felt like I was floating and at total peace. I will seriously work on my emotional heaviness because I want to always feel this way. Light and calm.

You are a gifted healer and a warm wonderful calming being.
Have a beautiful day and keep emitting your amazing light.

Keisha Washington

There was always some disparity between the two truths. One was the result of concentration and the other a spontaneous combustion of circumstances and ideas. None was more true than the other and both touched the face of god.
It was in both worlds I dipped my feet with Kyra. Finding both legs and making them move in rhythm.
It was in the first one that I shaped new time by defining it and it was in the other that I allowed myself permission to feel the change.
Both were true but they needed each other.
In this world today I feel both feet. One breathes air into new space and the other defines and orders it.

Both belong, neither more than the other. Jody

the reference to white tara went out of my range of references so i looked it up when i came home. that ’embodiment’ is really something to channel!! i did definitely feel that in that sunday morning exercise though. kyra you created that environment. that is the gift of sainthood – i think.
when we were sitting in the closing section of the weekend i was remembering you as always a pioneer in this area even when i met you and i was but a 21 – er. you have continued to pioneer and discover and now you are way better at explaining and creating these spaces for others.
i’m sorry but that qualifies for sainthood. okay?
no wafers. wafers are OUT.


Hi Kyra,

I wanted to let you know that my father, Jim, passed on yesterday at 3:30 pm. My sister Debbie, his girlfriend June, and myself were all by his bedside. We asked the medical team to relieve him from the artificial life support at 11:30 am and he was only receiving morpheine after that. He seemed very restful and peaceful. We all had lots of time to talk to him, hold him and just be with him and be together during those last hours. I even did a bit of Reiki on him when I had an opportunity to be alone with him. And, when he finally died, it happened so quickly. And the nurses were very compassionate. It was a very powerful experience for us to share and to witness and to accompany my father in. I feel blessed and honored that I was there. It brings me much peace and a sense of closure to know I was there. That we were all there together. And that he was not alone.

Thank you so much for your gracious support throughout this period of our lives. I know it has helped carry us through.

Love and light,
Leigh Ann

btw i’m LOVING my new petit apartment, the energy, my energy… i can’t
believe i waited so long. i guess it was fear. but all is well and my
reiki practice AT LEAST twice a day is FANTASTIC!!!

thank you soooo much for your dedication.



Happy Birthday Kyra!

Since I have met you I am : calmer, gentler, more intuned with my ‘self’, you have helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful. No doubt everyone who has come in contact with you can attest to this! Thank you. Liette

This e-mail was titled ‘Feeling Good!’

Hi Kyra,

You have a blessed gift on how to make people feel amazing. No headaches last night in fact I slept like a baby (well a dead log) which never happens.

Thanks again for your healing energy,

Take care and have a wonderful day,

Keisha Washington

Hello Kyra;

In hopes this message reaches you well and in good faith.

I write to you Kyra with a shattered heavy heart; I’m in the process of healing a very traumatic deep deep wound from my childhood; a wound that you have identified and that I have dismissed.

How did I suppress such a horrific memory of incest and molestation??

But I did. And it is resurfacing now in an explosion!

 It was my father. At age 3.

This being said, I apologize for not acknowledging your finding.  I have not given myself the proper chance to heal then…This is absolutely the most hurtful and painful wound ever, worse than the trauma left by my cancer.

I know you don’t expect an apology for this, I know you understand . However I wanted to let you know, you are an integral part of my healing through this! You saw it first. You mentioned it first and handled me so diplomatically when I denied it.

My healing started with you.

 Thank you for all that you did. Never forgotten.




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